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Waiting for Servers and Wrath

Posted in Casual WoW, Rambling with tags on November 11, 2008 by llart

I had today off.  At first I was bummed about server maintenance cutting into my play time.  I usually get to play for an hour, maybe two, but today was a whole day!  I get my housework done, supper in the slow cooker, caught up on tv saved to the DVR, and then it was time to play!  What?  No servers?  Huh?  Apparently there is a bug that wiped mailboxes.  Now I have a ton of alts, but I keep my mail emptied.  I can’t imagine losing thousands in gold and goodies due to a glitch!  /cry

Oh well…i knew i wasn’t going to hit 55 to roll a Death Knight in time for Wrath, but 43 would have been nice.  I’ll return to work tomorrow and commiserate on how i didn’t get to play today.  Meanwhile, if anyone happens to stumble upon this before WotLK, here is a good article from WoW Insider about how to gain a few extra levels quickly.