As a casual player, I love the achievements.  They let me feel like I still get something extraordinary accomplished without having to run instance after instance.  Right now I’m slowly working on To All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before.  Them critters is all over Azeroth! has great database of the achievements as well as gamers contributing on how to get there from here.  Here is the link…

I’m looking forward to Winter Veil – I think Merrymaker Namid has a nice ring to it 🙂 ETA:  I just looked at the requirements for the Merrymaker title…egads!  Last year, if you were lvl 50 you would have access to all of the Winter Veil goodies and could complete the quests.  This time there are a few that involve tasks in Dalaran.  You need to be 74 to get to Dalaran unless you have a friend to port you there.  It may happen…that is a lot of grinding for me in a short time.  There’s always next year *sigh*

I am also working on a new header and goodies for the blog.  I had planned on getting a screenshot of my druid to work with, but all of the down time for the realms made that impossible.  I realized it was quite a cluster and people weren’t getting on until late last night if at all.  Now I just have to remember to grab one tonight if I get on.   I do have a shot of my Kodo doing a nose stand, and I get to play Spider-kodo in Org quite a bit lol.  I love my gravity defying lizard!


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