Wrath is here…now what?

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The day that we have been waiting for has finally arrived…Wrath of the Lich King has been released!!  What are you going to do first?  Me?  I’m going to pick it up lol.  I could have gone to the release party, but these old bones don’t do midnight well.  I was curious to see how many fellow geeks there are in this small town, but not curious enough.  My collector’s edition is bought and paid for, so I figured it could wait for me until today.

Since I am a casual player, I’m not exactly sure what my plan will be right away.  What makes me a casual player?  I have been playing for 2 years and have 1 – yes 1 – level 70 character.  I don’t even play her anymore.  She is on a different server, and a different faction.  I fell in love with the horde toons, and the lore on the horde side is great too, but I will save lore for another day.   Sheesh…talk about runaway thoughts!!

Where was I?  Ah yes…Wrath!  I thought about jumping back on my 70 (I haven’t even put my talent points back since the last patch!), venturing to Northrend and joining the chaos…and the lag, and the camped quests…ugh.  It will be a pain!!  I had the pleasure of being on the WotLK beta, but it was a disaster for me.  The server was constantly up and down, and with limited play time, it was taking longer to download patches then I got to actually test.  The Northrend starting areas are amazing to see, new critters and quests…and everyone will be doing them today lol!  There is even a spot to run by Utgarde Keep.

So, option 2: roll a death knight.  I really want to play a dk…they have the coolest pull in the game!  I did play one thru the starting area and got her to Outland, but I didn’t want to do that grind any more than necessary so I quit for a while.  The story line with the dk is super cool too…not to mention you get to talk to the Lich King himself…and he is freaking huge!  Even if you don’t want to play a death knight, I recommend running through the starting area.  It is a very entertaining quest chain.  Since my main toon is only 42, a dk is out of the picture for now.  It’s all good though.  The dk starting area is going to be as packed and insane as Northrend for a few days.  The starting chain doesn’t take very long…I would estimate a couple of hours and you are off to Outlands.  So since I am still a lowby, I am going to enjoy the fact that I will have Kalimdor and Azeroth to myself for a while, and I’m going to pick all of your herbs *evil grin*.

I am still going to install the expansion today.  From what I understand there are a couple of patches that will need to be installed as well.  If I’m lucky, I’ll at least get to start the game and see the opening cinematic…I’m not anticipating a lot of play time today.  Another reason to install today?  I want my Frost Wyrm Whelp!



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As a casual player, I love the achievements.  They let me feel like I still get something extraordinary accomplished without having to run instance after instance.  Right now I’m slowly working on To All the Squirrels I’ve Loved Before.  Them critters is all over Azeroth!  WoWHead.com has great database of the achievements as well as gamers contributing on how to get there from here.  Here is the link…

I’m looking forward to Winter Veil – I think Merrymaker Namid has a nice ring to it 🙂 ETA:  I just looked at the requirements for the Merrymaker title…egads!  Last year, if you were lvl 50 you would have access to all of the Winter Veil goodies and could complete the quests.  This time there are a few that involve tasks in Dalaran.  You need to be 74 to get to Dalaran unless you have a friend to port you there.  It may happen…that is a lot of grinding for me in a short time.  There’s always next year *sigh*

I am also working on a new header and goodies for the blog.  I had planned on getting a screenshot of my druid to work with, but all of the down time for the realms made that impossible.  I realized it was quite a cluster and people weren’t getting on until late last night if at all.  Now I just have to remember to grab one tonight if I get on.   I do have a shot of my Kodo doing a nose stand, and I get to play Spider-kodo in Org quite a bit lol.  I love my gravity defying lizard!

Waiting for Servers and Wrath

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I had today off.  At first I was bummed about server maintenance cutting into my play time.  I usually get to play for an hour, maybe two, but today was a whole day!  I get my housework done, supper in the slow cooker, caught up on tv saved to the DVR, and then it was time to play!  What?  No servers?  Huh?  Apparently there is a bug that wiped mailboxes.  Now I have a ton of alts, but I keep my mail emptied.  I can’t imagine losing thousands in gold and goodies due to a glitch!  /cry

Oh well…i knew i wasn’t going to hit 55 to roll a Death Knight in time for Wrath, but 43 would have been nice.  I’ll return to work tomorrow and commiserate on how i didn’t get to play today.  Meanwhile, if anyone happens to stumble upon this before WotLK, here is a good article from WoW Insider about how to gain a few extra levels quickly.


It’s been a long time!

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Here I have had this little WoW blog sitting empty.  Why?  Too busy playing I guess.  I play pretty casually – at least compared to most.  I spend way too much time in the game according to my husband though 🙂

I have several toons, my current main is a Tauren Druid.  I think my plan is to have a blog with links to good info, especially  for casual players.  I saw the definition of a casual player somewhere…I’ll have to find it again.  It could refer to people that stop for meals and family and weird stuff like that heehee.

So, if anyone happens to stumble upon this little corner of the web dedicated to World of Warcraft, please feel free to let me know if there is anything you are interested in seeing here.  It would be fun to reach Big Red Kitty or Big Bear Butt status (I’ll have links for them soon) but I can’t see it happening for a while.

So while you are waiting for good info from me, clean up your computer and get ready for Wrath 🙂